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Signature Verification


Lower your costs

  • Drastically reduced effort for Visual Signature Verification
  • Pay only for the functionality you need
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) through central application server optimizing load balance
  • Enjoy Return on Investment in a very short time

    Maximize Security

  • Utilize the knowledge of forensic scientists incorporated the neutral network of ASV-1500 and used for the signature verification process
  • Automatically calculate and weigh out more than 60 primary static and 500 secondary static parameters of each signature within milliseconds
  • Minimize the chance for human error

    Maximize Workflow Efficiency

  • Minimize time and labor consuming Visual Signature Verification
  • Optimize the handling of suspicious items
  • Verify signing rules and mandates automatically too.
  • Authenticate signers already at the teller, immediately after signing


    e-signing with Handwritten Signatures

    BSV-1500 allows you to embed handwritten signatures into electronic documents in a legally binding, trustworthy, and secure manner.

    One of the world's most popular product suites for electronic signing is available in two variants:
  • BSV-classic rich client to manage and sign electronic documents - supporting PDF, TIFF and Microsoft® Word® - for usage in-office or in-the-field (even offline)
  • BSV-ultra thin client enabling these features in the web-browser - supporting PDF & TIFF - for usage online

    BSV is the natural, simple yet effective method to sign digital which everyone understands. It is equivalent to the traditional signing ceremony on paper for the 21st century.

    Handwritten Signatures in the Digital Workflow

    An increasing number of banks and companies in many other verticals have successfully integrated handwritten signatures in electronic processes using SignDoc.

    It is easy to understand why, since handwritten signatures offer what Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) or other Biometrics such as finger prints cannot provide:

  • Signatures are a non-intrusive proof of intent.
  • Signatures are culturally accepted and understood
  • Signing is the most personal way for authentication
  • The invisible biometric characteristics of signatures such as the different levels of writing pressure cannot be spied out.

    These are reasons enough for more and more companies to take signatures seriously.

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