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Diginue has extensive bill payment platform design choices and full feature bill payment software that can be easily customized for any automated payment environment. In-store reliability and mission-critical field service performance to support millions of transactions / month.


  • Complete payment fulfillment options including credit, debit (fully secure and encrypted), cash, checks, gift cards, and electronic check payments .
  • Capability to support multiple bills and back-end payment systems for simple platform expansion
  • Prepaid accounts / auto-replenishment
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Advanced Remote Management
  • Layered application functionality can be added at any time for enhanced revenue & faster ROI. Most commonly include.
  • Loyalty / Membership Features for targeted CRM promotions
  • Advertising Features
  • Mobile, LCD, or printable offers to enhance sales
  • Upsell / cross sell presentation
  • Auto-scheduler for easy content distribution
  • Base Bill Pay provides turnkey transaction and network management functionality with customization / feature options for an efficient and secure path to market.

    In-store bill payment offers the following Deployer benefits:

  • Reduced transaction costs, accelerating ROI with each payment.
  • Increased sales productivity of store associates, driving higher per-store daily sales.
  • Reduced human error and reconciliation costs, for increased accuracy and higher throughput.
  • Download the Bill Payment Solutions Brochure for itemized software features and platform options.
  • Layered sales and informational application options provide Deployers with additional profitable platform features.
  • Bill payment transactions facilitated in less than two minutes, improving service efficiency and revenue recognition rates.
  • Improved and automated services to un-banked and cash-preferred clients (multilingual options). Secure, encrypted debit / credit, and cash options.

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