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"One STOP Bill Collection System"

We are one of the solution providers for Automated Bill collection (ABC)in India . We have for ABC Kiosks which is 24X7 and accepts Cash or Cheque or Card for bill collection un manned , or Mobile Payment Terminals or Handheld Terminals for collection which is manned, We have turning the process of collection into a simple effective ,faster and 100% safe and secure collection by these two technologies .

Mobile Payment Terminals or Handheld Terminals:


The requirement is to develop the GPRS POS machine for utility bill collection and receiving available services information which is needed and on user prompt the information should be printed.
Utility Bill payment: Presently for utility bill payments, the consumer reaches the bill paying centers to make the payments for services bills like Electricity Bill, Water Bill telephone traffic challans etc.
Utility bill collection centers are established in various parts of the city. In this mode of collection process, the consumer needs to visit the center and make the payment.
Proposed System: The purpose of the proposed system is to make the bill payments process accessible at the door steps of consumer, thus enabling the consumer to have easy access by avoiding queue at the bill collection centers.
The requirement is to develop hand held billing system with remote access to the bill payment online service.
Hand held billing system should have wireless connectivity to the online service and the proposed wireless communication mode is GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) offered by all the cellular operators.
The hand held billing machine would be handled by the bill collector who takes the machine with him whenever and wherever he needs to collect the services bills like Electricity bill, Water bill, Telecom,etc.
Hand held billing machine should have menu driven operation, where the user selects the required service to bill the consumer.


  • The use and the advantage of this utility bill collection is to save time rather standing in a queue.
  • Utility bill collection saves lot of time by paying the required bills at a time at one place like paying Electricity bill, water bill, telecom bill etc.
  • The advantage of Utility bill collection by using Hand held machine is it will avoid taking tokens for paying the required services and avoids keeping waiting for hours.
  • Is easy secure and safe and fast.
  • One more advantage of the Utility Bill Collection is the bill collector visits ones door step twice or thrice in a month before the due date, so that the late payment fee can be avoided.


  • Specifications of Mobile Payment Terminals:
  • Operating System Embedded OS
  • Processor Type 32-bit secure CPU, ARM9, 180MHz
  • Style Handheld Computer
  • Memory Capacity = 16MB
  • Screen Size 128*64
  • Weight 566g
  • Comm GPRS,Wi-Fi,PSTN

System Architecture:

The above diagram illustrates the implementation of the actual application using GPRS hand held POS machines.

Hand held terminal overview:

1. Utility bill collection and receiving the available services, by entering User ID and Password. Server verifies IMEI and SIM number with User name and password and authenticates.

2. Services for payment collection is displayed like Electricity, Water, Telecom, Traffic Police challans, etc from the server.

3. Service to the desired payment is then selected, and details is sought from the server by either meter number for electricity and water or mobile number for mobile or Landline number for landline phones.

4. Contacts Server for the required information.

5. Accordingly displays details for Telecom Bill, Water Bill, or Electricity as requested.

6. The required information like A/c No, Name, No, Amount, Service Charge, is displayed.

7. Once bill amount comes from server, customer then pays the total bill amount or part amount (in some cases accepted) along with service charge. Only Cash is accepted as of now, later the same handheld terminal can also accept cheque and also Cards for payment which will be introduced shortly.

8. Instantly Receipt is generated from server along with Unique transaction Id service for which amount paid for, paid amount time, date, transaction reference.

9. Once the transaction is complete server is automatically updated.

10. This hardly takes 30 secs to complete transaction.

11. Handheld can be carried to places where customer wants there by bill payment at customer door step.

12. Multiple services can be handled by one single handheld.

Diginue Technologies is going to be part of e-seva initiative to introduce these technologies for bill collection in Hyderabad and secundrabad.

We hope this initiative will change the face of bill collection and increase the exchequer and reduce the cost of collection to the billers.

These services for multipoint collection are advantageous to consumer as he doesn't have to move from one pillar to another for making payments. Most of the payments are done in one single location be it be KIOSKS or Mobile Payment collections through Handheld Terminals.

Mobile terminals are pre paid terminals hence the government need not worry about collection. There is an nominal service fee can be charged to the customers for this service and hence becomes a revenue earner for the person collecting payments. This will increase employment and public private partners for the government, and collection is secure, timely, and more than 100% in case of Kiosks. This can be total solution for the Payment collection for various services under one roof hence "ONE STOP SELF SERVE PAY SHOP".

We have integrated more than 10 services in Mobile Payment Terminals and more services in Kiosks.

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