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About Diginue.

Diginue Technologies Pvt Limited was incorporated in 2000, under the Companies Act, 1956. Diginue is dedicated to develop solutions that are innovative, cost effective and with a high value added content. The company has an in-built focus on R&D to offer solutions through its innovations aimed at offering products and services with value addition. Presently the company is engaged in the research and development in the following areas: Kiosk,Distance learning and Tele-medicine. Smart Card Based Solutions Video Conferencing ATM Interactive Voice Response System The company provides not only a high degree of value addition but also provides solutions that are compatible and operate within the existing IT infrastructure available in the country.

Diginue Technologies (P) Ltd., is focused on providing services and solutions that leverage the evolving and innovative business models including the global (Onshore/offshore) delivery model and latest technology advancements to allow Diginue.
Group customers to achieve maximum operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase return on investment.
With our qualified, experienced and highly professional customized IT back-up, we are capable of providing core benefits and services for custom software development and with our unique feature of superior flexibility and tailored customer services we have built a reputation of a technical proficient offshore outsourcing company. The rapport with our international clientele has made us evolve a highly effective form of working style for the rapid analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of applications and customizing solutions. Effective real-time communication has been the key to success.
Diginue Technologies (P) Ltd has a unique blend of software and hardware related products and services. We cater end to end solutions & smart card applications along with banking solutions, medical and kiosk based applications. We also manufacture kiosks, ATMS, Banking and Home security products as well as software development.
At Diginue we specialize in multi-channel solutions, which optimize sales and service processes from a cost and quality perspective.

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