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Lowest Total Cost of Ownership is the underlying objective of diginue’s Extended Warranty Plan options. While diginue uses only the highest quality components, extended warranty is a reasonably priced option we encourage our customers to purchase. It provides an added level of field insurance, ensuring conservative parts stocking and the best service resolution times available.

Standard One-year Warranty

The standard one-year warranty is included with purchase and includes one year replacement / repair coverage on all parts and enclosure elements.

Three Year Advanced Exchange Warranty

Advanced Exchange Warranty provides for KIOSK-stocked spare parts and overnight shipment to the deployment site. “Hot swap” arrangements ensure the replacement part is dispatched immediately, cutting field downtime to the absolute minimum.

Warranty plans can be purchased individually or paired with a Field Service Technician plan. Diginue’s Sales Representatives can provide you with full details and quotes of available service options.

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