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Manufacturers of KIOSKS in India. We are catering to many corporate units and have developed applications which are used in public domain. We have got our kiosk certified by TEC. KIOSKS can be operated by non computer literates and by children to elders as it is user friendly. This can attract people. The information can be in any local language and can also have graphics for easier dispensing of information. KIOSKS can dispense forms of various kinds too and can work 24/7. This doesn't require any maintenance and can work in any environment. The outer body can have advertisements and can also run dynamic screens and multimedia ads. KIOSKS can be either stand-alone or connected to back end server. It can connect to any kind of connectivity. We design and develop Client Specific Kiosks and follow indigenous designs and development. We were the first to come out with Video Conferencing KIOSK in India. We provide Total Solutions on Kiosks.

Kiosks are :

  • Server connectivity or Stand Alone.
  • 24/7 operation.
  • Heavy duty can handle up to 10000 transaction.
  • Thermal Printer for bills / receipts.Can House big thermal paper roll.
  • Can work in any environment.
  • Reports.
  • Self diagnostics.
  • Wall Mount, Stand Alone & Table Top Models
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